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7 Tips to Help You Pick Great References

January 9th, 2015

You put a lot of thought into crafting your resume, selecting your interview clothing and preparing answers to impress the interviewer. But do you put as much consideration into choosing your references? A great reference can be what pushes you over the top from considered candidate to top prospect; a bad one can completely tank… Read more »

LinkedIn: Tool? Or Distraction?

October 11th, 2013

A common discussion among job seekers today revolves around the topic of LinkedIn: is it a valuable tool or a passing distraction? The truth is, LinkedIn is regarded as the number one most active and successful digital networking resource utilized today; that is, if you use it properly. Like many social networking sites, there is… Read more »

Job Searching with a Criminal Record: What You Should Know

August 9th, 2013

The majority of companies hiring today will conduct a background check on candidates after a job offer has been extended. Although background checks are nothing out of the ordinary, they can become an uphill battle for job seekers with a criminal record. Although employers cannot discriminate against candidates upon learning of their criminal record, they… Read more »

Been a While Since You Last Hired? Great Advice for Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

December 13th, 2012

If you’re hiring again for the first time in years, it can take some time to get back into the swing of things. Perhaps your ready to grow your small company, but the prospect of bringing in new blood – and adding to payroll – seems a bit daunting. You may be out of practice… Read more »

How to Attract the Best Job Candidates

November 13th, 2012

People love to love their jobs. It sounds simple, but the little things that make a candidate feel special are often the very same things that get lost by the wayside of the employer. Of course you’re looking to win top talent over the competition – aren’t you? If so, you’ll want to attract the… Read more »



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