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Is Your Cover Letter Missing the Mark? Here’s What to Do

July 22nd, 2016

Your cover letter is often your first impression on a hiring manager. It can either help you stand out from the pool of candidates or blend in and potentially be forgotten. If you find yourself applying to jobs without getting called for an interview, your cover letter could be missing the mark. Try sprucing up… Read more »

Company Downsizing? How Your Career Can Bounce Back

June 30th, 2014

Downsized. Let go. No matter which word you use, losing your job isn’t an easy prospect – but it is a fact of life for many employees. If you know that you may be jobless soon, it’s time to launch yourself toward finding a new job. Even if you’ve been with your current employer for… Read more »

Job Interviews: How Many Questions Are Too Many?

June 16th, 2014

While nearly every job candidate prepares to be asked questions during an interview, fewer prepare to ask questions of their own. But an interview is a dialogue: it’s your chance to ask the company your own questions, as well as to answer the company’s questions about your own work. Asking questions during an interview gives… Read more »



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