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How to Find a Staffing Firm That Doesn’t Consider You “Just a Number”

September 18th, 2015

Any job candidate can attest to the fact that a job search can difficult and stressful. Rather than travel the journey alone though, you can partner with 1st Staffing Group, an Oklahoma City Staffing Firm, for help. Not only will we be able to connect you with job opportunities that are a good fit for… Read more »

How to Distinguish a “Good” Staffing Firm From a “Great” Staffing Firm

November 5th, 2014

Looking for a new job?  Trying to plan your next career move?  Chances are, you’ve looked into every available option – including working with a recruiter.  But with so many staffing firms available, how do you sort the good firms from the really great ones? To get the most from your relationship with your staffing… Read more »



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