Make an Impression With Answers to These Situational Interview Questions

November 3rd, 2017

Interviews can be overwhelming for job candidates hoping to land their next job, but the process can be equally overwhelming for the interviewer. In the big picture, interviews are an incredibly brief amount of time for the hiring manager to accurately gauge a candidate’s skill, aptitude and fit, not only for the vacant position, but for the company’s culture as well. Because interviewers are ultimately looking for a sneak peek into how a candidate is likely to perform on the job, many hiring managers opt to focus on situational questions during interviews. If you’re looking to make a great impression during your next job interview, think about these situational question topics and how you may tailor your own answers:

  • Regardless of the industry, employers want to know you can effectively communicate with your co-workers and clients. Situational questions regarding communication can include anything from describing how you’ve successfully worked with differing personalities or solved a customer service complaint.
  • Hiring managers want an idea of how you respond to pressure. Adaptability situational questions and responses can include your response to internal industry change, a decision you had to make on your feet or a time you failed and how you bounced back.
  • Your interviewer will likely be interested in how well you work with others, especially under challenging circumstances. Situational questions that may be asked include how you have dealt with conflict or how you have successfully built otherwise difficult working relationships.
  • Understanding your values and what motivates you helps employers determine whether you will be a good fit. These types of situational questions include a professional accomplishment and how you achieved it or taking initiative to proactively solve an issue.

When answering situational interview questions, the answer is the same: describe a situation you’ve experienced! This is the best way to show an employer how you have overcome obstacles and achieved professional accomplishments. For additional interview tips and best practices, contact the number one staffing resource in Midland, TX at 1st Staffing Group today!

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