How Temp Workers Can Help You Stay Sane Through the Holidays

September 29th, 2017

The holiday season will soon be upon us and part of the hustle and bustle for many Ardmore employers is increased staffing needs. For many employers throughout Oklahoma, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year; this makes it makes it incredibly important to not only have enough staff on hand, but quality staff to make the most of this growth opportunity to close the year out strong. Bringing on temporary employees can help keep you sane through the holidays by providing:

  • Additional staff for peak times. Temporary staff means additional staff! Instead of stretching your permanent staff (or yourself!) too thin, hiring temp workers allows you to have more hands on deck to get the job done during your busiest times.
  • The holiday season can be hectic and some days will be busier than others. Having temporary staff on hand will give you the option to call more employees in during the day if needed as well as cover for permanent employees who wish to use vacation time to spend with their families over the holidays.
  • Reduced costs. Bringing temporary employees on board for the holiday season is much more cost-effective than hiring a new batch of full-time employees. Seasonal workers provide additional help only when it is needed!
  • Boosted morale. Busy seasons often lead to increased feelings of stress among employees. Having extra workers to help lighten the load takes a little weight off your permanent employees’ shoulders, allowing them to focus on the job they know while keeping morale in good standing, even during the hectic days.
  • Decreased stress. Overworked employees leads to stress among the workforce which in turn leads to stress on the employer. Divvying up the daily workload with additional workers as needed reduces stress on everyone, creating a much stronger and more positive working environment for the holidays.

For many Ardmore employers, temp workers are the best solution for managing the busy holiday season. 1st Staffing Group works closely with its employers to help find, recruit and train the best temporary seasonal employees throughout Oklahoma. To make sure your business is in a great position this holiday season, contact 1st Staffing Group to begin filling your temp worker needs today!

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