5 Daily Habits to Help Your Be More Productive in Your Job Search

September 15th, 2017

Searching for a new job can become all consuming; your thoughts, energy and an ample amount of your time all become dedicated to your job search, especially when you are in the thick of it. As with any important task at hand, it’s important to devise and stick to a plan to yield desired results. If you are currently in the midst of a job search or will be on the job hunt soon, consider incorporating these five habits into your daily routine to boost your job searching productivity:

  1. Start your day early. Regardless of whether you are currently working or unemployed, it’s important to get into the rhythm of a routine by starting your day early and at the same time every day. This will set the pace for your day and your productivity!
  2. Focus on a daily goal. It’s important to keep with a theme for each day with one specific goal in mind. This can range from following up with networking contacts, to researching new companies, to following up on previously submitted applications.
  3. Maintain a spreadsheet or log. The best way to stay on top of the progress you’re making is to log what you do each day! Consider keeping a spreadsheet of positions you’ve applied to and where, dates follow-up contacts have been made, who you have communicated with and any other relevant information. This will greatly boost your productivity by showing what you’ve done and what still needs to be accomplished when devising your daily plans!
  4. Connect with others. Networking is critically important, especially when job searching. Make it a point each day to connect with at least one person from your network whether it’s via email, phone or meeting for coffee. Many times, your network will be the missing link to helping you get your foot in the door with a new opportunity!
  5. Polish your tools. Keep your tools fresh and shiny – your job searcher tools, that is! Dedicate a portion of each day towards fine-tuning your resume, tailoring your cover letter or updating your social media presence.

Putting the necessary time, effort and dedication towards a successful job search can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, breaking your priorities down into simple daily goals to accomplish over the course of a week can make the tasks at hand much less daunting! If you are ready to find your next great opportunity in Ardmore, Oklahoma, contact 1st Staffing Group to jumpstart your Oklahoma job search today!

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