Top Hiring Secrets (Your Competition Doesn’t Want You to Know)

September 8th, 2017

The growth and success of your business lies heavily on the shoulders of your employees. To ensure a profitable business with a positive and motivating working environment, it is vital you hire the best employees for the job. With fierce competition rising, make sure you know the ins and outs of today’s most promising job candidates and where to find them. To get an edge over the competition, check out these top hiring secrets your competition doesn’t want you to discover!

  • Social media marketing. In addition to LinkedIn, it is recommended to market your open positions on Facebook and Twitter. This strategy is worth its weight in gold when it comes to boosting company relevancy and recruiting the millennial workforce.
  • Body language. Many candidates answer interview questions the way they believe they should answer – this is why paying attention to body language is so important. If the candidate’s body language doesn’t match what they are saying, this is a clue to listen to what they are really telling you.
  • Trial run. The best way to determine how a potential employee will perform on the job is to actually see them perform on the job. Not only will this trial run help you glean insight into the quality of the candidate’s work, it will also give the candidate a feel for what it will be like working for your business.
  • Gut instinct. It sounds simple, but as the old saying goes, trust your gut – it will rarely lead you in the wrong direction. Look for confidence and a candidate who is ready to hit the ground running and make an impact!
  • Staffing firm. The best kept secret to hiring Odessa’s top talent is to partner with a trusted staffing firm. Staffing firms are comprised of hiring professionals who know the latest staffing trends, where the best candidates are working and how to recruit them!

Finding top talent in Odessa, TX isn’t difficult when you know the tricks of the trade on how to find them! 1st Staffing Group has been helping Odessa companies hire the best candidates for more than two decades. Contact 1st Staffing Group today to learn how we can help you hire top talent in Odessa, Texas!

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