An 8-Step Guide to Showing Your Employees You Appreciate Them

July 28th, 2017

You don’t need a specific holiday to show your employees you appreciate them! After all, your employees are the backbone and life blood of your company – not to mention, strong positive morale among the workforce has been shown to directly impact higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction. Though the appreciation may be present, showing said appreciation can sometimes slip through the cracks when it comes to all other aspects involved with running a business. Consult this simple and proven eight-step guide to begin working employee appreciation into your daily routine:

  1. Say thank you. It may sound simple or obvious, but sometimes hearing “thank you” is all your employees need. It shows you are paying attention to their contributions as well as recognizing their worth to the company.
  2. Praise something specific. Being specific with your compliments is incredibly important when it comes to showing employees appreciation. Identifying specific actions shows sincerity as well as provides clear direction on actions to take in the future!
  3. Allocate your time. It is far too easy to get caught up in the details of the daily grind without interacting with your employees beyond the typical touch points. Getting to know your employees is important for connecting with them as well as showing you care. Consider leaving your door open to demonstrate you are available to talk when needed or wanted.
  4. Provide opportunities. Finding opportunities for your employees is an excellent way to show you notice their initiative. This will also help them advance in their jobs which directly benefits the company in addition to the employee!
  5. Demonstrate trust. Is there any higher compliment than showing your trust in someone? Consider giving your employees a little extra ownership in a project or daily responsibility. This shows you consider their quality of work and professional demeanor high enough quality that you do not need to worry about them.
  6. Incorporate flexibility. Where it may be feasible, consider offering your employees a flexible schedule. Flexibility is the number one most coveted benefit of employees across the board; allowing this little perk can go a long way to show gratitude as well as your concern for a healthy work-life balance!
  7. Show interest. Asking your employees about their hobbies, families or plans shows you view them as more than just a workhorse. It can also help you find common ground and connect with them beyond the workplace setting.
  8. Treat them. Treating your employees can go a long way and doesn’t need to be overly time consuming or expensive! Consider bringing in breakfast, ordering in lunch, or treating your team to a post-work happy hour to commend a job well done.

Company culture and morale lie heavily on the climate of your workforce. Showing your employees they are appreciated can go a long way when it comes to retention as well as workplace efficiency. For more manager training resources, including employee appreciation in Midland, TX, contact 1st Staffing Group today!

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