How to Write a Killer Resume if You Don’t Have Much Experience

July 7th, 2017

Resume writing can be a challenge for most people. For those freshly out of school or with little work experience, that challenge rises to a new level moving from how to write a great resume to what to write on your resume. Fortunately, there is good news! Even though it may seem you don’t have much information to include, several methods are available for filling in blank space on your resume including:

  • Highlight relevant skills. If you don’t have much experience to cite, utilize your relevant skills as experience! Instead of simply listing your skills as you would in a standard resume, expand upon the relevant skills by including examples of how you have applied these learned skills in real life or professional situations.
  • Elaborate on extracurricular activities. Whether you have been involved in a club, an intramural sports team or community theater league, don’t forget to include these activities on your resume! Even if they may seem irrelevant to the position you are applying, many soft skills and experience can be gained from participating in extracurricular activities including communication, leadership and time management.
  • List volunteer work. Volunteer experience is always a plus on a resume! In addition to highlighting additional skills, it speaks volumes about your character and shows you are a true team player, something employers value greatly.
  • Include additional or secondary courses and training. Diplomas and degrees are important components to include on your resume, but don’t forget to include any secondary educational experience you may have gained! Even if the coursework was nonmatriculated or only partially completed, these educational pieces will still add additional value to your resume.
  • Consult a professional recruiter. Recruiters who know what employers are looking for are the number-one resource for helping Midland candidates put their best face forward. Regardless of your professional experience (or lack thereof), a recruiter can help you polish your resume and land your next great opportunity!

The first step is often the most difficult when it comes to gaining valuable professional experience. Crafting a killer resume is a pivotal piece when it comes to landing your first great opportunity. Contact 1st Staffing Group today to learn how we can help you find a great job in Midland, TX!

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