“They Said What?!?” – Combatting Pettiness in the Workplace

June 14th, 2017

Pettiness in the workplace can make for an annoying and sometimes uncomfortable environment. Unfortunately, it’s also unavoidable, at least to a certain degree. The good news is even when you are faced with workplace pettiness, you can minimize the impact it has on you by combatting it with these few simple tips:

  • Pay attention to your peers. Sometimes a co-worker may be trying to express themselves to you. Actively listen and try to understand where they are coming from. Even if you don’t agree with their point of view, this simple act of allowing your colleague to feel heard without being dismissed can help them feel respected and included before pettiness becomes an issue.
  • Refocus on the big picture. If pettiness is taking its toll on your work environment, take some time to refocus and hone your big picture goals to help ground yourself. Considering the main goals of the day and your action plan to achieve them will help direct you and tune out the unnecessary noise around you.
  • Demonstrate respect. Pettiness, regardless of the location, is unhealthy and unproductive. Above all else, do not allow yourself to participate in this behavior. Instead, become a part of the solution by showing respect for everyone, even when they are not present.
  • Stay true to your goals. Undoubtedly, co-workers will frustrate you from time to time. When this happens, take a step back and remember you are paid to focus on your job and represent your employer. Focus on your goals and responsibilities and don’t allow the pettiness to block your view on your path!

Workplace pettiness is impossible to avoid altogether. The above guidelines provide excellent examples for how to combat pettiness in the workplace and continue to thrive in your current role. If you find yourself considering finding a new job opportunity in Odessa, TX, contact Odessa’s top job placement resource at 1st Staffing Group today!

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