The Impact That Stress Plays on Your Employees’ Workplace Safety (and How to Help)

May 31st, 2017

Stress is everywhere. When managed in a healthy way, stress is absolutely normal. When not kept under control, stress in the workplace can lead to decreased revenue, increased turnover rates, loss of productivity and medical expenses; this creates a less safe and secure environment or company culture. Fortunately, as a manager, there are several ways you can help keep your employee’s stress in the workplace to a minimum including:

  • Lead by example. One of the best ways to decrease stress is to step away for a few minutes and get moving. If you make an effort to take mini breaks for fresh air or to stretch, your employees will feel more comfortable doing the same.
  • Create a safe space. Employees need a place to go to find a reprieve from technology, clients and even other co-workers sometimes. Creating a quiet, peaceful place where employees can go to unwind and regroup for a few minutes is a great way to have them return to work feeling refreshed and reenergized.
  • Think outside the box. Keeping productivity in mind, incorporating nontraditional work practices into the workplace can work wonders when it comes to decreasing employee stress. Consider hosting a walking meeting as opposed to a traditional conference room or meeting or allowing pets to join for a portion of the day on Fridays if possible.
  • Encourage team social activities. Co-workers spend a lot of time together; the better they get along and enjoy one another, the happier the workplace becomes. Setting aside even a half hour a week for employees to come together outside of the daily grind can be a great morale booster for the entire company.

Stress in the workplace can be dangerous. Fortunately, it is highly preventable. Taking the time to incorporate a few simple daily adjustments can go a long way for cultivating a positive and low-stress company culture. To learn more how top Oklahoma City employers are decreasing stress in the workplace, contact Oklahoma’s number one staffing resource at 1st Staffing Group today!

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