How to Wordsmith Your Resume: 10 Tips to Steal from Copywriters

May 5th, 2017

Crafting an eye-catching resume that concisely highlights your best skills and attributes is an imperative tool every job seeker should have in their arsenal. After all, this is often the first and only opportunity you may have to make it on to the next stage of the hiring process! When it comes to writing a resume, who better to consult than professional writers themselves? Check out these top 10 tips copywriters suggest to wordsmith your own resume and kick it up a notch:

  1. Determine your selling points. Look at the job description, think how your own skills and experiences align with those needs, and highlight them throughout your resume!
  2. Get creative. While it is not recommended to stray too far from conventional resume-writing guidelines, sprinkle in some verbiage to help yourself stand out from the pool of other candidates and make your resume memorable!
  3. Provide data. Hiring managers want to see results, so it’s important for you to provide them. Quantify as much as you can by providing concrete figures wherever possible.
  4. Highlight soft skills. In this day and age where team-based work is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace, soft skills can be equally as important as work experience. Add in how you have used soft skills to achieve success!
  5. Keep to the point. As the old saying goes, less is more. Employers don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to reading each word in each applicant’s resume, so keep your resume concise and make each word count!
  6. Show versus tell. Your main goal in submitting your resume is to land the job. Why should they hire you? Use your resume wording to show the hiring manager how you will help the company and why you will be the best choice!
  7. Make it easy to skim. It can’t be said enough – hiring managers are strapped for time! Design your resume in such a way it is easy to skim or scan while still conveying the main highlights of the skills you bring to the table.
  8. Stay truthful. Honesty is always the best policy, so don’t try to oversell yourself! Instead, stick to what you have experience in and where you excel. No one is expected to know absolutely everything.
  9. Provide examples. Don’t just stick to saying you are proficient in a certain skill; cite examples of how you have excelled using this skill and how it led to an achievement!
  10. Proofread, proofread, proofread! Once your resume is complete, read through it and then re-read it once more. In addition to making sure your resume is free of any typos or grammatical errors, make sure it is well written with active verbs and varying word choices.

Although putting together a well-written resume can seem like a chore, it’s a vital skill to possess. 1st Staffing Group has been helping top job seekers in Midland, TX put their best face forward to top Texas employers for more than 20 years. If you are ready to find your next great job in Midland, TX, contact the experts at 1st Staffing Group today!

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