How to Write a Stellar Job Interview Follow-Up

February 3rd, 2017

As most people who have been on a job hunt will tell you, interviews are often the most nerve-racking step in the job seeking process – but what happens after the interview? Although the ball is in the hiring manager’s court, you are not powerless while waiting to hear back. While post-interview follow-up is key – and in some cases, proper etiquette – there is a right way and a wrong way to approach it. Whether you’re writing a letter or sending an email, consider these tips for a successful job interview follow-up:

  • Express gratitude. It is common courtesy to send a thank-you note to anyone who was involved in your interview. Thank them for inviting you to the interview, taking the time to conduct the interview, and if they were able to show you around the company, introducing you to employees.
  • Convey enthusiasm. Hiring managers want to extend a job offer to someone who is excited about the position – let your enthusiasm show! Cite specific examples about the job or the company itself that excite you and make you look forward to the potential opportunity of working there.
  • Reference something that was said. Employers want to know that candidates are listening and serious about the job. The best way to demonstrate this is to reference something the hiring manager said during the interview that resonated with you and why.
  • Include anything you forgot. Have you ever left an interview and remembered something that would be helpful for the hiring manager to know about you, but you didn’t think to mention it? Now is your time to make it known! Follow-up letters are the perfect time (and in some cases, only time) to add in that one extra piece of information before a hiring decision is officially made.
  • Re-read and edit. It sounds simple, but proofreading your follow-up email or letter before sending is imperative. This will help ensure the letter is well written, flows nicely and includes everything you want to say before your follow-up is sent on its way!

Interview follow-up can seem awkward at first, but it’s a great method for expressing gratitude, gaining peace of mind and ensuring your name stays at the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind while they are interviewing other candidates. 1st Staffing Group has been working with Ardmore, Oklahoma’s top employers for more than two decades and understands what these companies look for in candidates. If you are looking for new job opportunities in Ardmore, contact Oklahoma’s hiring professionals at 1st Staffing Group today!

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