Why Do Your Best Employees Keep Leaving? What Can You Do About It?

January 6th, 2017

Workforce attrition is something faced by even the best employers. Knowing and accepting this can be two very different things, especially when it’s your top performers who are leaving. When it comes to retaining your best employees, the first question is why they are leaving; then determine how to remedy the issue. When taking stock of your own work team, consider these most common reasons employees cite for wanting to move on from their current job:

  • They don’t feel appreciated. In the fast-paced world of running a business, it is all too easy to overlook great employees. When employees feel underutilized and unrecognized, they will begin searching elsewhere. Find ways to leverage your employees’ talents and take time to give praise and credit where it is earned.
  • They see no opportunities for growth. It’s no secret that great employees will want to advance on their chosen career path; however, if there are no options for upward mobility, the prospect of job growth can seem fairly grim. Communicate openly with your team about their career goals so you can help them flourish within their current role and help coach them for future endeavors.
  • The culture is not a good fit. Each company has its own, unique culture. Take an honest look at the culture among your work team. Is it engaging? Are you tolerant of negative behavior? Does your team feel comfortable communicating openly? Really consider how the culture looks, feels and is portrayed on a daily basis and make changes as necessary to promote a healthy, inclusive workplace culture.
  • Their needs are not understood. This one can be a bit tricky as each employee is likely driven by different motivators. Take the time to learn what they want and need to feel fulfilled and appreciated through ongoing feedback and open discussions. Employees are most likely to stay on board when they are able to thrive and meet their goals.
  • They feel disconnected. Whether it’s other people or the big picture, people generally want to feel connected to something. Employees feel more committed to their work with a specific employer when they feel connected to a shared goal or mission. Educate your employees on why your business does the kind of work it does and work with them to find their own connection.

Losing your best employees sometimes cannot be avoided; fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take today to prevent it from becoming a domino effect. 1st Staffing Group prides itself on helping top Ardmore companies thrive by recruiting, hiring and retaining the best employees throughout Oklahoma. If you’re looking for additional management best practices and coaching, contact Ardmore’s best staffing firm at 1st Staffing Group today!

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