4 Tips to Help You Hire Talent in OKC and Beyond

November 25th, 2016

Savvy employers know that the majority of company success rests on the shoulders of its employees. Competition for top talent in Oklahoma City is fierce; strategizing a smart and efficient staffing plan is the best way to ensure you’re attracting the right potential employees for your company’s needs. While it is absolutely crucial to recruit, hire, and retain the best talent, strategizing a smart and efficient staffing plan does not need to be stressful. Consider these proven best practices to help you hire the best Oklahoma City job seekers for your next vacant position:

  • Understand your needs. Before you can put together a job posting, understanding the needs of your company, your culture, and the position is imperative. Think about if these needs have changed from the last time the position was open as well as the personality type of the ideal candidate. A skilled candidate may be great for the job but not necessarily a great fit for your company, so take the time to really think about your needs before posting the job opening.
  • Look for potential. Many employers get caught up looking for a certain level of experience when making a hiring decision. While experience is important, it isn’t everything. When screening candidates, keep your eyes open for potential that can be developed, groomed, and able to adapt to change. High potential can be equally as important and in some cases more important than defined hard skills and years of experience.
  • Hone in on culture. Once you know the type of candidate your company needs, it’s time to build an environment that will fulfill that type of employee. While recruiting is half the battle when it comes to hiring, retention is every bit as important to consider when making a hiring decision. Think about how you will address the needs of your new hires by consulting with current employees and asking how candidates like to be recognized and are motivated during the interview process.
  • Promote from within. No one understands the ins and outs of your company than the employees who are already working in it. While internal promotions can often times be the best candidates to fill a vacancy, it is important to be selective with who you promote. Just because an employee excels at their current position, does not necessarily mean they’d succeed in a leadership position, so consider all potential candidates before making a definitive decision.

While following the above techniques is a great method for smoothing the process, the best way to make sure you hire top Oklahoma City candidates is to partner with a trusted staffing company. Bringing more than 20 years of experience to the table, 1st Staffing Group has a proven track record of helping Oklahoma employers make the best hiring decisions for their business needs. Contact 1st Staffing Group today to learn how we can help you expedite an efficient staffing plan!

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