How to Give Constructive Criticism

November 18th, 2016

Effectively delivering constructive criticism to employees is a challenging but necessary task that many managers find to be a struggle. The ultimate goal of constructive criticism is to motivate while still maintaining employee morale and confidence. Momentum lies in the way the constructive criticism is delivered, so next time you need to provide your employees with feedback, keep the following in mind throughout your conversation:

  • Be direct, specific and concise. Get right to the heart of the matter and provide specific examples. As soon as the issue has been acknowledged, move onto potential solutions. Even if the feedback is positive, it’s important to offer suggestions to keep momentum up and moving in the right direction.
  • Actively listen. While it’s important to keep control of the conversation, it is equally important to let your employee be heard. Recognize their response and help them through processing the criticism and feedback.
  • Show empathy. Even under the most professional and understanding terms, receiving constructive criticism can be difficult to hear. Demonstrate you can relate to and understand the situation yourself.
  • Confirm understanding. The most important portion of any conversation is to make sure the employee fully understands what has been discussed and agrees on what can be taken away from the conversation for improvement.
  • Move on. Once the issue has been addressed, discussed and understood, get back to work. While it’s important to give constructive criticism from time to time, it’s also important not to draw out the event and return to the norm as quickly as possible.

Giving constructive criticism can be an uncomfortable, yet necessary topic. Being mindful of the tips outlined above is the best way to make these difficult conversations with your employees as smooth, painless and effective as possible. If you are looking for additional employee coaching resources in Odessa, Texas, do not hesitate to contact Texas’ number one staffing firm at 1st Staffing Group today!

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