2016 Seasonal Staffing Strategies to Follow

October 14th, 2016

We are officially into the fourth quarter of 2016 and the holidays are right around the corner; this means seasonal staff will be in demand before we know it. The best way to ensure a smooth holiday season with sustainable productivity and morale is to plan for the holiday season early. To get a jumpstart on your own seasonal staffing plan, follow these proven strategies:

  • Review last year’s results. How did last year’s seasonal staffing plan hold up? Did you have adequate employee coverage with the right skills? How did day-to-day operations hold up in the midst of the holiday rush? Use these results to project what will be needed and honed in on for this upcoming holiday season.
  • Follow up with previous seasonal staff. Do you have any seasonal employees from years’ past that really stood out as great temporary employees? Give them a call! They may be interested in taking on a seasonal position again, and the best part is they’re already familiar with the role!
  • Involve permanent employees. Your current employees understand the impending seasonal rush better than anyone. Openly communicate with your staff about your holiday needs and ask if they have any potential candidates in mind that could be a great fit. This is also a great time to discuss with current staff what their roles will be during the holiday rush versus the roles of seasonal staff.
  • Partner with a staffing firm. The best way to recruit and hire great seasonal staff in Midland, Texas, is to partner with a trusted and experienced staffing firm. Working with a professional staffing agency can save time, reduce on-site training and minimize unemployment costs, all while finding the best qualified seasonal job candidates for your holiday rush!

Now is the time to gear up for 2016 seasonal staffing! 1st Staffing Group brings more than two decades’ worth of experience to the table when it comes to finding, hiring and training the best seasonal job candidates throughout Midland, Texas. For help strategizing your 2016 seasonal staffing plan, contact Midland’s staffing experts at 1st Staffing Group today!

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