Avoid the Cliché – 5 Overused Resume Buzzwords You Should Stop Using (And What to Use Instead)

August 19th, 2016

As previously discussed, it’s imperative to maintain an up-to-date resume at all times. With so little space and so much great information to squeeze in, it is important to not only make sure each word counts, but that you are using the right words. Many savvy job seekers today understand that hiring managers do look for certain keywords; however, there are also common buzzwords that make recruiters cringe. Whether you are updating your current resume or putting a new one together, beware of using these five cliché resume buzzwords and consider replacing them with one of our great suggestions!

  1. Responsible for x, y, z. Of course you were responsible for different tasks at your previous job. While it’s important to describe your experience, using phrases like “responsible for” makes you look like a doer, not an achiever. In place of this, consider leading with words like “led,” “managed” or even “achieved,” and use numerical data wherever possible!
  2. Go-getter. Anyone can claim to be a go-getter, but what makes you one? Instead of including this overused buzzword, describe what makes you unique and how that unique skill set will add value to the position and company.
  3. Team player. Being a team player is a great characteristic, but using this term won’t help you stand out from other candidates. Provide examples of how you have saved your previous company time, money or resources when working on a team project or collaborating with others.
  4. Results driven. This is another buzzword that is overused without telling the full story. How did you achieve results, and what were they? These concrete examples will catch a hiring manager’s eye much more than simply stating you are a results-driven candidate and moving on.
  5. Hard worker. While it’s important to come across as a hard worker when applying for a job, simply stating that you are one won’t convince a recruiter of your efforts. Cite examples of how you have gone the extra mile and what you achieved.

Your resume is often your first impression on a hiring manager or recruiter, so make it a good one! Avoiding these common buzzwords will help you stand out from the crowd while showing your potential new employer why you are an excellent candidate for the position. Looking for additional resources to help you land your next great job in the Ardmore, Oklahoma area? Contact Ardmore’s number one recruiting firm at 1st Staffing Group today!

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