Is Your Cover Letter Missing the Mark? Here’s What to Do

July 22nd, 2016

Your cover letter is often your first impression on a hiring manager. It can either help you stand out from the pool of candidates or blend in and potentially be forgotten. If you find yourself applying to jobs without getting called for an interview, your cover letter could be missing the mark. Try sprucing up your cover letter with these simple, yet effective tips to make sure you put your best face forward:

  • Keep it brief. Contrary to popular belief, less is more when it comes to cover letters. Stick to a maximum of three paragraphs to keep the hiring manager’s attention and only include the interesting, attention-grabbing points.
  • Don’t restate your resume. Many job seekers fall into the habit of treating cover letters as if they were a resume in paragraph form – avoid this habit! Instead, use your cover letter as a tool to show your personality and highlight your interest in the job.
  • Don’t apologize for experience you lack. Most candidates will not possess every skill listed in the job description and many skills can be learned. Your cover letter is your opportunity to state why you think you would be great at the position and cite examples proving this, so focus on the skills you currently possess!
  • Work with a professional. Hiring agencies have insider information on what businesses in particular fields want. The best way to make sure your cover letter is tailored to the right audience is to partner with a hiring professional.

Writing a solid cover letter is one of the best ways to help your resume get noticed by a hiring manager. Working with an experienced staffing professional can help you get your foot in the door by making sure your cover letter gets in the right hands to help you find your next great job opportunity. If you are looking to kick your cover letter up a notch, or looking for available job opportunities in Oklahoma City, contact the staffing professionals at 1st Staffing Group today!

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