“Subscribe!” – 3 Safety Podcasts that You Should Subscribe To

May 27th, 2016

Good managers and supervisors will continually look for ways to improve their workplace culture and company morale – and a big component of that is safety! When employees feel safe and secure in their environment, they are happier on the job, thus improving productivity and the bottom line. While managers have demonstrated leadership to arrive at their current roles, it’s impossible to be an expert on every topic, even the critical ones like safety. In an effort to make sure your workplace is the safest it can be, consider giving a regular listen to one of these great workplace safety podcasts during your commute or on your lunch break!

  1. The Safety Brief. This is a short podcast, only 2-4 minutes in length and exceptionally easy to fit into even the busiest managerial schedule! Each episode of the Safety Brief provides an overview of a different safety topic or tips ranging from eye-injury first aid to indoor air quality tips.
  2. Safety Simplified. As its title suggests, this podcast aims to make tackling safety issues as simple and proactive a process as possible for employers. Safety Simplified covers a variety of real-world workplace safety and health management issues and downloadable tools to implement your own health and safety programs in the workplace!
  3. All About You. Longtime safety professional and professional speaker Richard Hawk hosts this monthly podcast. Richard covers a range of topics focused on improving morale and workplace satisfaction. Themes covered include goal-setting, offering praise and recognition, the importance of incorporating breaks and the ability to say “no.”

Utilizing modern-day technologies like podcasts is an excellent way to stay up to date on important safety issues in your industry. 1st Staffing Group prioritizes workplace safety and company morale and works hard with our partners to ensure we are delivering the best resources to help your company thrive. Check out our online resources or contact 1st Staffing Group today to learn more!

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