5 Traits All Supervisors Should Develop

May 13th, 2016

Supervisors tend to wear many hats within their team. In addition to possessing technical knowledge and skills for their job, supervisors are often a voice of reason, sense of stability, and motivational coach for their employees. For a supervisor to become strong and successful in their leadership position, it is imperative that they develop these five key traits:

  1. Proactive versus reactive. While it is impossible to plan for absolutely everything in advance, strong supervisors should possess the foresight to plan for potential challenges before they become an issue. Having this skill not only prevents problems before they arise, it also helps maintain a sense of calm and productivity throughout the supervisor’s team.
  2. Creative problem solving. Each member of a work team is different and, therefore, will likely require a different solution. A good supervisor should be able to come up with new responses to new situations as well as recognize a good idea when someone else suggests it.
  3. Self-awareness. In addition to managing a team, a supervisor also has her own set of responsibilities to fulfill and must often lead by example. A successful supervisor must develop the skills to look at herself critically and recognize their role, objectives, strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Active learning. Effective supervisors are always actively learning. They will take initiative to continue learning to keep their skills fresh and relay what they have learned to their team in an effort to help them develop their own skills and career paths.
  5. Emotional balance. Supervisors will sometimes find themselves working in stressful environments including tight guidelines, ambitious goals or even conflicts. It is imperative for a strong supervisor to maintain self-control, confidence and emotional balance under all situations to handle them successfully.

Employees look to their supervisors as a figure of authority to learn from, grow from, and many times, even model their careers after. For many seasoned Oklahoma City job seekers or employees, the path to becoming a supervisor is a natural fit. 1st Staffing Group offers many great training resources for aspiring supervisors and our experienced Oklahoma City staffing experts take pride in placing top job candidates with the best companies to work for in Oklahoma City. If you are ready to get a head start on becoming a great supervisor in Oklahoma City, contact the staffing professionals at 1st Staffing Group today!

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