Introvert? How to Interview Effectively

April 22nd, 2016

Feeling the pressure during an interview is natural for most job seekers, and that overwhelming sense of anxiety tends to be even more amplified for introverts. Unfortunately, personality type does not get you a free pass on in-person interviews; in order to get a chance in the workforce, the ability to interview well is a necessary skill to possess.  Whether you are an introvert yourself or simply looking to brush up on your interview skills, check out these proven tips on how to perform your best during your next interview!

  • Strategize ahead of time. While introverts do not dislike being around people, the more time they spend interacting with others tends to decrease their energy. On the day of your interview, build a buffer of alone time into your schedule both before and after the interview to yourself to recharge.
  • Follow the interviewer’s lead. Small talk is often a common lead in and ending point for interviews – which is not something introverts enjoy. Prepare yourself for some typical chit-chat style questions and consider coming up with a few of your own casual questions to contribute. Pay attention to the interviewer’s tone and try to match it. While you will want to stay true to who you are, the thoughtful and calm demeanor many introverts possess can sometimes be mistaken for boredom or disinterest.
  • Be up front. Don’t be afraid to mention that you are an introvert! Many people are introverted and your interviewer may be as well. Highlight the positive aspects of your introverted nature, such as your natural ability to be a great listener and observer. Being an introvert is not a weakness, but hiding your introverted nature could land you in a company culture that is not a good fit.

Following the above strategies can help you not only use your introverted nature to your advantage, but also help you nail your interview and potentially lead to your next job! The best way to ensure you find your perfect job in Ardmore, OK is to work with an experienced staffing firm like 1st Staffing Group. Our dedicated staffing professionals work individually with our job seekers to understand which jobs and companies will be the best fit for their unique skill set and personality. To find your next job in Ardmore, OK, contact the staffing experts at 1st Staffing Group today!

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