Six Signs Your Career Plan Needs Updating (and What to Do)

March 17th, 2016

Most of us are not born knowing exactly what we want to do with our lives. Navigating your career takes time, trial and error. As a result, you may find your career plan changes throughout the course of your life—and this is perfectly normal. But you may wonder how you can be sure it’s time to make adjustments in your plan. Knowing when to change course is an important skill, and one that will help you stay in touch with your inner self, on track and fulfilled in your career. Luckily, it’s a learnable skill, and easy if you follow just six self-evaluation tips.

How to know when you need a career shift

If you’ve noticed any of the following in your day-to-day life, it may be time to evaluate your career plan and make some changes:

  1. You feel drained on a daily basis. It’s completely normal to feel a bit off-kilter when you’ve had a busy day or week. But when you start noticing a lack of energy, interest or patience at just about every point of the day on any given day of the week, this can be a sign that you’re just not that into your job anymore.
  2. It’s hard to get moving in the morning. Coffee can work miracles. But when you’re not fond of your job, you may find that nothing makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning. If just the thought of your upcoming day has you hitting snooze again and again to crawl back under the blankets, it may be time for a change.
  3. You’re just going through the motions. Passion and a sense of purpose are two of the greatest motivators in the human psyche. And when you lose those things, work just starts to feel like a chore. It can be time to shift your career focus when you feel apathetic about your work and your job, and just don’t care anymore.
  4. You’re jealous of others. When you’re happy with your job, the news of others’ success is simply a nice-to-know fact. But when you feel envious of the accomplishments of others, it may be an indicator that you’re just not that happy with where you’re at in your own career. What specifically makes you jealous can also be an indication of the direction you’d like to move in.
  5. You feel undervalued. Everyone has unique talents, and it feels good when your boss recognizes these skills and allows you to use and develop them. On the contrary, when you feel that your talents are going to waste, it may be time for a change.
  6. You feel stagnated. Sometimes you may reach a point in your career where your job or your company simply can’t give you what you need anymore. It may be difficult, but it’s very noble to be able to recognize your own requirements for growth and advancement, step down and move on to your next position.

Find the what and the why

Fortunately, we live in an age of almost endless opportunity, so you can make changes to your career plan to form a future that fits your dreams. But first you must decide the direction in which you’d like to go! It’s important to figure out why you’re down in the doldrums at your current job—is it the actual work itself, annoying coworkers, a difficult boss, your hours, your commute, or something else? Then, based on what is making you unhappy, think about the reverse—in your perfect job scenario, how could you turn things around to make you happy? How could you adjust your career plan to incorporate these things? Or, if what would make you happy isn’t quite so cut-and-dry, it can also help to consider why these changes would make you happy. In the end, all of your considerations will help you plan for a career that fits your needs much better.

Need some help?

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