Five Recruiting Habits that are Holding You Back from Hiring Great Talent

March 10th, 2016

Star performers can be hard to find. This is in part because they’re in high demand—and also because they may not be actively seeking new employment. The workers you need are out there, but it may feel that they’re not within your reach. Still, it’s important not to lose hope! You can take steps to improve your recruiting process, making it that much easier to find top talent and bring them on board. First, you’ll need to identify what you may be doing wrong.

Are you committing these five recruiting sins?

If you’re having a hard time finding the staff you need, it could be due to any of the following:

  1. Generic job descriptions. Yes, they explain to a potential worker what the job and its qualifications entail. But there’s no law against making a job description interesting to read. By using creativity, you can spice up your job descriptions, setting yourself apart from your competitors and capturing the attention of candidates.
  2. Using the same old process. Job boards, job fairs, LinkedIn—wash, rinse and repeat. If your recruitment efforts work for you, that’s good and you should keep them up. But if you simply don’t seem to be finding the candidates you’re looking for, following the same process will keep yielding the same results. You can harness new technology, such as Instagram and SnapChat, while covering all bases, such as Facebook, Twitter, and of course, LinkedIn. It can also help to search for new online job boards, and new industry conferences and events. Change is good, and it can help you uncover top talent.
  3. Poor negotiation skills. The best workers in your industry are going to expect something in return—be it competitive salary, vacation time, flexibility or perks. So when you find top talent, before you come to the negotiation table, you’ll need to know what you can offer. It’s important to know what your competitors are offering, how far you can go, and what your upper limit is.
  4. Weak follow-through. No one appreciates being left hanging. During the recruitment process, how easy is it to hire your number one choice, while forgetting that final phone call to the first and second runners up, letting them know you went with someone else? Good follow-through is important, and it helps to stay in good graces with all candidates. This can help you keep your hiring pipeline full, because one day, you may need to reach back out to past candidates for other openings they may be perfect for.
  5. Lack of corporate development. Beyond your recruitment process, it’s important to acknowledge that top talent want to work for companies with the best reputations. So by building a strong corporate culture and taking good care of your staff with rich benefits packages and employees perks, you can inadvertently reinforce your recruitment success.

Work with the experts

For help locating elusive superstar performers, it can help to work with a staffing agency. Recruiters are experts at what they do, and have access to deep pools of talent—both active, as well as passive. This can help you maximize your hiring process while saving time and money.

Looking for a recruiter in the Oklahoma City area?

Check out 1st Staffing Group. Throughout Oklahoma and Texas, we work with our clients to understand and fill their hardest-to-fill positions, and everything in between. To learn more, contact our experienced recruiters today!

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