Answer This Interview Question: Why Should We Choose You?

October 16th, 2015

“Why should we choose you?”

This question stumps many interviewees because it seems so broad. Should you say that you need a job? That you like the employer? That you’re better than anyone else who has applied, even though you have no idea who they are?

Job seekers try all these tactics – but they don’t always succeed. When an employer asks, “Why should we hire you?”, they want the answer to a slightly different question: “Why are you the best fit for this position?”

With this question in mind, prepare an answer that highlights the ways in which your skills and accomplishments make you the best candidate for this job and this company. Here’s how:

  1. Match your qualifications to the job posting. Before your interview, sit down with the job posting. List the requirements for the position, and circle the ones that you know you do well. Choose one concrete story that includes those “top traits,” and prepare a version of it for the interview.
  2. Keep it brief. Although it’s tempting to try to cover every potential reason or objection, your answer should be no more than a minute or two long. Focusing on one or two specific qualities from the job posting that you can meet will help you keep your answer brief and memorable. If you’re struggling to limit yourself to a brief answer, keep the CAR method in mind: provide Context, describe your Action, and then explain the Result.
  3. Frame yourself as the solution to a problem. When you begin your answer, start by identifying the problem or need the employer has that prompts them to seek a person with the abilities or qualities you’re about to discuss. For example, if you’re highlighting your friendliness and perseverance for a customer service position, begin by saying “I know that in customer service, companies need people who can connect with customers and who will ensure the customer is satisfied with our solution.” Then, tell a story about a time you went the extra mile to ensure a customer was satisfied.

At 1st Staffing, our experienced recruiters focus on helping you find the best fit with employers throughout the Ardmore, Oklahoma area. Contact us today to learn more.

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