Strategies for Earning Respect From the Boss on the Job

August 28th, 2015

Earning your boss’s respect pays off. When your boss trusts that you do good work, you are more likely to receive tasks that you enjoy and can handle competently. You’re also more likely to be put in leadership positions among the team or even asked to step in temporarily if your boss needs to leave the office – both of which improve your path to promotion.

Here’s how to start earning your supervisor’s respect as you work:

  1. Take the initiative. Once you know your role well enough to know what needs to be done and when, take the initiative to complete tasks before your boss has to ask the team to do the work. For example, if you finish a task early, help a co-worker who is still working through a project or tackle a mess that has been left behind. If you spot a task you can take off your boss’s hands or a way to make a work process more efficient, let your boss know.
  2. Combine flexibility with reliability. Does your boss regularly need someone to cover another worker’s shift, to meet an important deadline, or to run certain errands during the day? Be willing to say “yes” to these tasks more often than you say “no.” The more you’re willing to step up when the boss needs a hand, the more you become the person on whom the boss relies. When you say “yes,” follow through – every time. You’ll demonstrate that you’re invaluable and you’ll position yourself to be the first person the boss thinks of when it’s time to hand out raises or promotions.
  3. Always behave like a professional. No matter what job you do, act like a professional. Be honest, sincere, confident, and respectful toward everyone you work with, including your boss. Avoid getting pulled into any workplace drama, gossip, or bullying – it destroys your relationships with your co-workers, damages your productivity, and is a great way to lose your boss’s respect in a heartbeat.

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