5 Elements of Job Search Greatness

July 24th, 2015

Searching for a job in the Ardmore, Oklahoma, area can be a challenge. Whether you work with a staffing firm or attempt to go it alone, mixing the components of job search success is a process that takes time, effort, and experience.

Ready to break out of your job search routine and reach for greatness? Here are five ways to do it:

  1. Know your strengths. Make a list. What are your specific strengths and abilities – and where do your skills need more development and attention? Talk to trusted friends, family, and colleagues for input. When creating resumes and cover letters for job applications, highlight these strengths in terms of the job you’re applying for in order to demonstrate your value in this
  2. Make yourself searchable. More employers are using the Internet and its online search tools to find the right candidates. Start by creating or updating your profile on LinkedIn, the only social networking site aimed specifically at professionals. Scour job postings and descriptions by local companies for the key skills, achievements, and descriptive terms employers are looking for, and use these in your profile.
  3. Leverage the power of Internet alerts. Alerts on your recruiter’s job boards can ensure you’re the first to know about a new posting that matches your strengths. Other job search sites also allow you set up alerts, and you can use Google’s search term alerts to have postings that match your keywords delivered directly to your email. Alerts help you save time scouring job postings and focus on the ones that match your needs.
  4. Collect recommendations. Displaying and sharing your own skills can help you land a job, but the testimony of managers, co-workers, fellow volunteers, and others in your professional network can put your application over the top. Reach out to professional contacts whom you trust to speak well of your work, and see if they will put their praise in writing. Use this information to supplement your application or prepare your interview answers.
  5. Work with a recruiter. Your recruiter can help you polish your application and interview skills – and help you save time by connecting you with companies that offer not only the job you want now, but a culture that supports your work style and career goals.

At 1st Staffing Group, the recruiters in our Ardmore office can help you create a successful job search process that connects you with great local employers. Contact us today to learn more.

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