On the Sly: Tips for Finding a Job While Employed

July 10th, 2015

Are you currently punching the clock, but seeking a new career opportunity – or planning to send your resume to your dream employer? Discretion is key, but it doesn’t have to prevent you from running a job search that will help you land the position you’re craving. Here are some tips for finding new work while hanging onto your current job:

Run searches and send resumes on your off hours.

Companies vary in how tightly they monitor and record employees’ Internet use. But even if your current employer takes a laissez-faire approach, it’s best to search job boards, mail resumes, and schedule interviews during your lunch break, evenings, weekends, or personal time off. Even if your current employer doesn’t notice you’re seeking new work, an interviewer will almost certainly ask how you found the time to visit – and being able to say “I sought out this job opportunity on my own time” demonstrates that you take your employer’s time seriously.

Reconnect with one or two members of your network per week.

Networking when you’re looking for a new job means reaching beyond the professional connections with whom you currently work. Contact one or two of your professional connections each week and catch up for lunch or coffee – again, on your own time. If you regularly attend volunteer, hobby, or other social events on the weekends, use the time to spread the word that you’re looking for a new job. Just try to keep it off your current co-workers’ radar.

Keep your social media profiles clean and updated.

Avoid any mention of your job search or dissatisfaction with your current job on social media. Instead, review your privacy settings, trim your friends lists if needed, and make sure your profiles are updated with a clear, professional photograph and references and links to your most recent accomplishments. Delete or hide anything that doesn’t paint you as the upstanding professional you are.

Work with a recruiter.

Your recruiter can help you find a new job, even in your current position. Recruiters help by identifying job postings and employers who offer you a better “fit” and sending their information your way, as well as by maintaining strict confidentiality regarding your job search.

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