5 Tips to Help You Find a Great Temporary Job

December 26th, 2014

As the economy continues to improve, employers are starting to open up more position, but in many cases, they’re sticking with keeping those openings temporary positions. If you haven’t considered a temporary position in the past, or you just need to find a paying job right now, there are a few things you do that will help ensure you find a great position.

  1. Locate a recruiter in your area. For example, if you’re in Midland, TX you’ll want to search there and then potentially open up your search to a wider radius around the area. Why do you need a recruiter? Companies often prefer to advertise their temp positions with recruiters and rely on them heavily to help them find the prefect candidates.
  2. Advertise your skills – all of them! Highlight your transferrable skills that will make you a great catch for an employer, regardless of the industry. For example, if you are currently in the financial services field, highlight skills that serve you well there – such as dealing with people, staying organized and working with numbers. You’ll want to focus on the broader picture when you’re looking for temp work.
  3. Check out the temp listings in your area. Your recruiting agency will typically have a page devoted to their current listings. Take a look at these and see which jobs you would like and which ones you are qualified for. This will help your recruiter help you find the job that will be a perfect fit.
  4. Know your pay requirements. Temp work can be profitable, but depending on the company, you may need to take a little pay cut from what you’re used to. Be realistic in your expectations, but don’t offer to work for peanuts. Figure out what you need to survive and have a little left over. That will help you set your expectations realistically.
  5. Look for the future. Just because a temp job is temporary right now, doesn’t mean that it can’t turn into a long-term position for you. Go into a temp job with the right attitude and work to impress your managers. If you are a great fit for an organization and you’re willing to work hard, they may be willing to turn that temporary position into full-time employment.

Working as a temp not only gives you the ability to find a job when you really need one, it also helps you explore your options in different fields. You never know – you may just find the field you really love! For help finding a great temporary job in Midland, TX, contact the expert recruiting team at 1st Staffing Group. As the premier staffing firm in Oklahoma and Texas, we have the experience to find you the perfect position for your skills. Contact us today to get started!

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