Unlocking the Full Power of Our Job Board

March 28th, 2014

If you’re looking for a job in the Odessa, Texas area, 1st Staffing Group’s job board offers opportunities you must not miss.  The job board offers a host of different functions to job candidates.  By leveraging the board’s full capabilities, you access job opportunities that are unavailable elsewhere, and you can explore information about potential employers that will help you find a great “fit.”

To start using our job board to its fullest, explore the following functions:


In the right-hand column of 1st Staffing Group’s online job board, you’ll find tools for filtering posted jobs by industry, employment type, and location.

These filters can be used singly or together.  For example, if you want to see every job posting in Odessa, simply click the checkbox beside “Odessa, TX.”  To see only long-term job postings in the Odessa area, add the checkbox beside “long-term.”  Looking for a long-term position in food service or housekeeping in Odessa?  Check the boxes beside “food serv/housekeeping,” “long-term,” and “Odessa, TX” to see your results.  To change the filters at any time, simply check the appropriate boxes and click “update results” at the bottom of the column.

Brief/Detailed Job Descriptions

Above the list of job descriptions are two buttons: “brief” and “detailed.”  The “brief” view gives job titles only, while the “detailed” view gives job titles along with descriptions.  Both can add value to your job search.  To scan a list of job titles quickly, use the “brief” view.  To see more information about each posted job, use the “detailed” view.  You can also click any job title to see the detailed description.

Login and “Save Job Search”

When you first visit our job board, you’ll be able to see job postings, filter them, and click on each one to examine the requirements more closely.  You’ll also be able to create an account and log in, which you must do in order to save job searches and to apply online.  To start your search by creating a login, scroll to the bottom of the job board, where you’ll find a link on the bottom right called “Login to Save This Search.”  Click it to create your own account or to sign up for job alerts.

Applying Online

Found a job posting that sounds promising?  You can contact your recruiter to apply, or you can apply online by clicking the blue “apply online” button found in each job posting.  This button takes you to an online application, where you can fill in your information.  Use the tabs at the bottom of the form to move between its various parts.  We recommend avoiding Internet Explorer 11 in favor of an alternate browser in order to apply online.

At 1st Staffing Group, our experienced recruiters can help you find the job you’re looking for.  Contact us today to learn more or consider applying for one of these top job opportunities:

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