Workplace Safety: Is Your Company (and Workers) Safe?

August 16th, 2013

Providing a safe and healthy work environment is imperative for protecting employees from harm and maintaining OSHA compliance; however, workplace safety also greatly impacts productivity, company morale, and bottom line. A sick or injured employee is costly in many areas including business services and output, insurance fees, and general employee job satisfaction.  Although there is no guaranteed way to prevent all possible workplace accidents, responding to safety issues immediately can help reduce the number of potential incidents and mishaps. To keep your company and its employees safe in the workplace, consider the following:

  • Accountability. Implementing a safety program is of little use if management and employees are not held accountable. Recognizing the value and accountability of workplace safety leads to improved quality, production, cost control, and customer service, as long as the entire team is on the same page.
  • Knowledge. Various local, state, and federal laws exist to help guide companies in providing a safe workplace for their employees. Ignorance is never an excuse when it comes to employees’ wellbeing; this is why it is highly recommended to appoint a dedicated safety manager within your core team. Empower this employee to become safety-conscious, familiarize themselves with safety laws and regulations, and stay abreast of any legislation that could impact your business.
  • Identification. Having the ability to handle hazards as they occur requires the implementation of a comprehensive safety plan. This plan should include several methods for identifying and handling hazards, placement of warning signs, and any tools necessary for removing the hazard.
  • Response. Develop a detailed action plan for tending to injured employees. Know your emergency numbers, the location of your nearest medical facilities, and keep a fully stocked first aid kit. If possible, consider having employees trained in first aid care.
  • Insurance. Your insurance provider will be your best contact for staying up to date on compensation trends, including trends that could raise your insurance costs. Meet with your insurer to discuss your business classification and properly identify and correct any issues. This will help you avoid paying more than you should in premiums.

Keeping your employees safe, healthy, and happy should be a number one priority in any company. 1st Staffing Group is available to help business managers throughout the Ardmore, Oklahoma area make changes to their safety policy as needed and help prepare any new training plans for incorporated changes. If you are looking for the best staffing services in Ardmore, OK, do not hesitate to contact the staffing experts at 1st Staffing Group today!

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