Does Your Resume “Speak” to the Hiring Manager? If Not, You Have a Problem

June 28th, 2013

Because you never know when a great opportunity might come along, you should always have an up to date version of your most important personal marketing tool: your resume! However, simply updating your resume just isn’t enough; you need your resume to speak directly to the hiring manager with whom it will ultimately cross paths. Of course you’ll want to highlight your skills and achievements in ways that are relevant to the open position, but you’ll want to do so in specific ways that catch the hiring manager’s eyes and pull them in. To achieve this, keep in mind the top points hiring managers look for in a candidate’s resume:

  • Relevant skills. Your skillset is what makes you marketable and hiring managers want to see it. Clearly and accurately highlight your skills by qualifying and quantifying how you have used them successfully in the past. Also, mention any certifications or licenses you may have that could be important for the position.
  • Experience.  Your employment history is of course important to hiring managers as it helps shed some light on your past success and how prepared you might be to handle specific situations that may arise; however, past employment is not everything. If you can demonstrate on your resume that you understand the dynamics of the industry and can mention successes you’ve had in solving problems similar to ones the company faces, you may be able to overcome the hurdle of not having employment history that matches the current position. Look at the job description and duties and address those responsibilities in describing your own experiences.
  • Accomplishments. Hiring managers want to see how you have contributed in the past. Wherever possible, use concrete measurements and if possible, tie in dollar amounts. This will show the hiring manager that you’ve made positive contributions to the companies you’ve been employed by and what you produced was above average.

The purpose of your resume is to speak to the hiring manager on your behalf and make them want to meet you. Optimizing your resume for this purpose with the points mentioned above can greatly help boost your chances for success and landing the interview. If you are looking for professional job placement assistance to get your foot in the door with a great company, contact the recruiting professionals at 1st Staffing Group today!

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