Been a While Since You Last Hired? Great Advice for Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

December 13th, 2012

If you’re hiring again for the first time in years, it can take some time to get back into the swing of things. Perhaps your ready to grow your small company, but the prospect of bringing in new blood – and adding to payroll – seems a bit daunting. You may be out of practice in the hiring department, but not to worry. Consult the following staffing strategies to help keep uncertainty at bay.

  • Don’t be hasty. Hiring decisions are among the most important in your company. Start recruiting early, but don’t hire early in an attempt to prepare for tomorrow. Wait until you’ve found the exact candidate you’re looking for and when the position is absolutely necessary for your business.
  • Cast a wide net, then narrow your search. You must conduct a broad search to find the best candidate. Don’t limit your resources; make the most of employee referrals, web postings, and staffing firms. After you’ve found a wide selection of promising applicants, narrow your results by pre-testing your candidates. Consider writing a screening questionnaire to test industry knowledge, energy level, reasoning, and communication skills.
  • Interview diligently. Small businesses put a lot on the line by making a new hire. A new employee can spark a wave of growth or become a catalyst for a downward spiral. You simply can’t risk losing business or missing opportunities, so you owe it to your company to put candidates through multiple, demanding interviews. Also, consider including your current employees in the interview process for a well-rounded impression of your candidates.
  • Consider temp-to-hire. A great way to test potential new employees without jumping head first into a commitment is hiring on a temporary or contract basis for a preliminary period. If and when the employee proves their value to your company, you can then transition them into a full-time employee.
  • Check references thoroughly. According to the old saying, no news is good news. This is not the case for job candidates. A new approach to the old fashioned way of calling references is to leave a voice message or send an email prompting the reference to call you only if they can recommend the candidate without reservation. This will give you more faith in the positive responses you receive, and no news, although not good news, will still provide you the answers you need.

Small business employees tend to consist of close-knit teams familiar with each others’ work ethics and methods. Adding a fresh hire to the mix can change company dynamic.  By making sure you are hiring the right candidate for the right reasons, you can greatly reduce the risks that sometimes come with bringing on a new worker. If you are looking for help filling your staffing needs, contact 1st Staffing today!

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  1. Wiil Wright(Home) Says:

    I am a job seeker and would like to see more places like this but more for the seeker than the employer. Anything to help us find a job easier would be great. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

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