How to Attract the Best Job Candidates

November 13th, 2012

People love to love their jobs. It sounds simple, but the little things that make a candidate feel special are often the very same things that get lost by the wayside of the employer. Of course you’re looking to win top talent over the competition – aren’t you? If so, you’ll want to attract the very best candidates, and to do that, you’ll need to prove to them that your company will make them happier than their current place of employment.  If you want to be that excellent candidate’s next employer, keep these simple, yet beneficial, guidelines in mind.

  • Eyes on the prize. Focus on the candidate by giving them your undivided attention. Don’t reschedule your interview at the last minute, let the candidate know what to expect, and be present. Power down your cell phone and let your receptionist know you’ll be busy until further notice. These actions show the candidate that they are your top priority.
  • Keep away from negative. Although you’ll want to paint an accurate picture of life on the job, don’t negative sell the position by describing it as too difficult or having unattainable goals. Also, steer clear of discussing why the position is open in the first place; even one negative remark about the previous employee can leave an unfavorable lasting impression on the candidate.
  • Maintain credibility. Credibility is all about following through on your word. Even if you have not made a hiring decision yet, follow up on correspondences with your candidate and stay in touch through the waiting period. Not responding to emails or phone calls will portray you as unreliable, especially if you’ve told the candidate they can expect to hear from you. Actions like these will also make your candidate feel unimportant or forgotten, which is the exact opposite of your intentions.
  • Accommodate. If your candidate is traveling to meet you, make their travels as smooth and stress free as possible. Have someone meet them at the airport, or, if they are driving themselves, have your receptionist keep an eye out to greet them upon arrival at your business. Consider sending an email the morning of your interview to let the candidate know you appreciate their time and are looking forward to meeting them.
  • Know your role. Don’t ask to see the candidate’s resume during the interview. Take the time to look it over prior to the candidate’s arrival. Being able to reference the candidate’s job history without their resume in front of you is not only impressive, it also shows the candidate you’ve personally sought them out.

Make a commitment to treat every qualified candidate you bring in for an interview as truly special.  Remembering the small things that go a long way will leave a lasting impression on your candidates that will in turn give you an edge over the competition. For more tips on attracting top job candidates, contact 1st Staffing Group today!

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